Team Activation

All jurisdictions in the state of Montana have access to the Regional Hazardous Materials Teams. Assistance can range from a phone consultation, over the phone research, an componenet of a team being dispatched, or an entire team being dispatched. Agencies that do not have an agreement directly with a Montana HazMat Team (i.e. jurisdictions that host a team), must contact the Montana Disaster and Emergency Services (DES) Duty Officer. The DES Duty Officer will put the local Incident Commander in contact with a HazMat Team Leader on a conference call to determine the scope of the incident and needed resources.

  • Contact DES Duty Officer 24/7 at 406-841-3911
  • Duty Officer will conduct a conference call with a Team Leader and the Incident Commander (if possible)
  • If it is determined that deployment of a team is needed, the Duty Officer will obtain approval from the Governor's Office while the teams prepare to depart
  • Once the Governor's Office approves the deployment, the HazMat Team will deploy

In addition to incident response, the Montana HazMat Teams are available for public outreach events. This includes conducting HazMat training classes, demonstrations, exercises, and team orientations. To inquire about a public outreach event, please contact one of the contacts below:

Billings Regional HazMat Team
City of Billing Fire Department
POC: Terry Larson

Bozeman Regional HazMat Team
City of Bozeman Fire Department
POC: Jason Shrauger

Great Falls Regional HazMat Team
City of Great Falls Fire Department
POC: xx

Helena Regional HazMat Team
City of Helena Fire Department
POC: xx

Kalispell Regional HazMat Team
City of Kalispell Fire Department
POC: xx

Missoula Regional HazMat Team
Missoula Rural Fire District
POC: xx